Fitness classes at DEFINE body & mind aim to educate you on how to become your absolute best; it’s our mission! Part of feeling your best all-year-round is learning how to adjust your training in extreme seasonal changes. Here are a few strategies to help you stay active during the Dubai summer months.

Bring the Cardio Party Indoors:

It’s getting hot out here! You begin to notice that an outdoor run, cycle, or swim that you previously found manageable is all of a sudden a lot tougher. Thankfully, our bodies have an amazing built-in system for keeping you cool for the summer. The increase in heat and humidity challenges your body to work harder to stabilize your internal temperature. Your heart rate will elevate much quicker, and muscle fatigue will set in sooner. If you feel lightheaded or depleted of energy after an outdoor training session, but wish to continue improving your cardio, the best thing to do is move the party indoors. Try our spin class, DEFINE revolution. This 45-minute cardio session challenges your muscles with interval training, resistance, core work, and upper body exercises. The motivating music and energy of the group class will inspire you to continue to build on your healthy lifestyle.

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Plan your Hydration Stations:

When possible, make drinking water throughout the day a priority. Start your day with a glass of water. If this practice is new, set a water bottle on your bedside table before you go to bed. When you go to silence your alarm in the morning, H20 will be the first thing you see. Another way to increase your hydration while adding a little flavor to your life is to invest in a water kettle and herbal tea selection to bring to work. Consistently top up your teacup throughout the day to effortlessly up your water intake. Avoiding caffeine also helps you stay hydrated. In place of a morning coffee, try a DEFINE body class to elevate your energy levels through movement and breath. Don’t have time to make a morning class? Follow this 5-minute energy boost, and you may just tame your coffee cravings!   

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Dress for (Sweaty) Success:

That “sparkle” on your skin (a.k.a sweat) is a sign that your body is trying to release heat. In addition to adding style to your fitness classes, clothing helps remove sweat from the surface of your skin to avoid heat exhaustion and help you train more efficiently. If you are walking to your fitness classes, you may want to wear a light-colored top which will reflect rays of the sun as opposed to dark colors that will attract the heat. Fabric makes a difference as well. Lightweight fabrics like cotton will absorb sweat and provide enough airflow to help dry out any excess moisture. Dubai temperatures are not always predictable, so layers are a good idea. You may be warm during your workout, but cold when entering air conditioned buildings. Be prepared for all outcomes. Our DEFINE retail is stocked full of pieces combining summer fashion and function.

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