Today we hosted a SOLD OUT Thighs and Glutes workshop! Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to give you a taste of the best home workout moves to  DEFINE your summer body! Thank you to our friends at The Entertainer for the amazing video! Continue reading for a Q&A with Stefani, then put on your favorite workout gear and get hot-weather-ready with these 3 exercises to get the best summer body!

Q&A with Stefani

Q: What is your focus during Thighs and Glutes workshops?

A: I aim to educate clients on how to activate their glute muscles, execute thigh positions in proper alignment, and balance front and back body work. This barre class is a mix of slow and fast exercises to accommodate detailed work and calorie-torching moves.

Q: Why are the thighs and glutes important?

A: Well, aesthetically, toned glutes and thighs are always great! You use your legs every day so having a stable foundation is super important. These are also big muscle groups meaning you will burn more calories during your workout.

Q: What is your favorite DEFINE glute move?

Ohhhh, I love a good hip thrust. This is a great move to add to your home workout. Try to add a lateral rotation and light weights thereby targeting the glutes more deeply.

Q: What is your favorite DEFINE thigh position?

A: Definitely a single leg lunge.

Q: Do you think people can apply what they learn in your classes to their home workout?

A:  Absolutely! My aim is for people to gain awareness of their alignment. I believe finding a connection to your body empowers you to move with confidence and everyone deserves that chance.

If you missed our workshop, you can still book a future workshop or body class to balance your muscles. All clients are welcome to stop by before or after class to ask questions. Our instructors are here help you learn the best workout practices. Our mission is to help you be your ABSOLUTE BEST and we believe that starts with mind-body awareness and grows with strong form.