Calm your mind: Yoga and Release

Let it all go with DEFINE mind. An integral part of experiencing whole body strength and balance is getting in touch with your inner Self; calming and relaxing the subtle parts of the mind and body that can hold some of the deepest tension and emotion. Yoga postures and the use of easy to navigate props help release the body and rejuvenate your mind.

What to Expect

Experience a soothing combination of yoga, massage ball, & myofascial techniques to revitalize both physically & mentally. Most of the time in class will be spent moving through poses on a mat, so wearing clothing that will not restrict your movement will give you the most comfort and ease in this mellow hour of self-love and gentle unwinding.


  • Gain clarity & find inner peace
  • Strengthen mind & body
  • Gain length & enhance flexibility
  • Create new brain/body connections
  • Improve balance
  • Revitalize physically & mentally

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