July is here, and Dubai is bringing the heat! While many of you may have summer getaways in your future, others may be staying put for a summer in the desert. This month, the DEFINE team wants you to join forces with your besties to get UNBELIEVABLE results. Get ready to call your favorite workout buddy and book your classes after reading these 5 benefits of working out with friends. 

1) Control your waistline:

One of the main causes of unwanted weight gain is a social life that involves over-consuming. It’s easy to take in too many calories when a typical Dubai summer includes all-you-can-eat brunches and evenings sipping wine at your favorite restaurants. One way to ward off extra pounds is by swapping your weekly ladies night for a group sweat session. How many times have you heard your favorite song during a rev class? Dancing with your friends on a bike while drinking water is certain to burn far more calories than a night out. 

2) Lose excuses:

Accountability is an essential tool for transforming your body. When you know your friend is waiting for you, it’s harder to hit snooze for your 7 am body class. It is valuable to have someone else holding you accountable to reaching your big dreamy goals. You can do the same for your friend! Buddy-system for the win!

3) Have more fun:

Laughter is the best medicine and who better to give you a case of the giggles during a challenging section of class than a close pal. While we all take our workouts seriously, studies show that when you have fun in class, you are more likely to make exercise a regular habit.

4) Enjoy a shared experience with your #fitfam:

Creating a shared experience leads to hours of fun throughout the week. Re-living the “crazy final sprint” of rev class with your friends over coffee is one way to give yourself positive reassurance. And who doesn’t want more of that in their lives?!

5) Save money by working out with friends:

What a fantastic benefit! By referring friends, you earn discounts on your class packages! You can use your extra cash to treat your friend and yourself to a post-class juice! Knocking out fitness and nutrition in less than 90 minutes! That’s what we call team work.

Look out for our newsletter for more details on how to Get Fit Together! We look forward to seeing you (and your friends) in the studio this month! For extra ease when booking your class, try downloading our app.