Ever wonder how to fuel your body to get the most out of your DEFINE rev workouts? If you are ready to maximize your workout with the best indoor cycling practices, then make these 3 lifestyle changes today: 

Sip water regularly:

Staying hydrated is the easiest change you can make for peak performance. Depending on when you plan on saddling up; your intake of food and drink can make or break your rev workout. If you plan an early morning spin session, staying hydrated during the later part of the preceding day is important! If you prefer cycling after work, be sure to drink water throughout the day. This is especially important during summer months when a quick stroll down the street in Dubai may cause you to break a sweat. Remember your fluids post workout to replace the water lost during your sweaty session. 

Balance your snacks:

Eat a light snack 2-3 hrs before you get on the bike. Something with an equal protein to carbs ratio works great. Try a banana with peanut butter, some nuts with an apple, or carrot sticks with hummus. If you rev first thing in the am and are not a big breakfast eater, fasting is ok—but water is necessary. After class, rebuild and repair your muscles with a good quality lean protein. Do this within 30 minutes, so your muscles can receive nutrients and you can feel an increase your energy.

Maximize your zzz’s:  

In Dubai, we are experts at go-getting and are willing to put in the long hours required to see our efforts turn to success. Sometimes we even skimp on rest to reach our goals. Most of us view sleep as “down time” or “unproductive hours.” It is easy to lie awake creating to-do lists and planning how to take on tomorrow. Tonight, try changing your perspective on snoozing. Recognize that as your mind winds down, your body is getting ready for a productive night of repairing and rejuvenating your muscles. We guarantee that with proper rest your body will feel stronger on the rev bike and your mind will feel clearer to take on the challenges of your day. 

Try using these practices this weekend before our rev around the world event! 

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