Creating a lifestyle transformation is a big accomplishment! Faye is nearing her 100th class at DEFINE and is feeling stronger than she has in a long time!

Here is her story: 

“I am 42.  A few months ago I felt like I was carrying a lot of weight and wasn’t moving easily. Everything physical was hard work. I thought, ok, I’ve got to do something. I would walk by DEFINE and I had a friend who took classes there, but I kept putting off taking my first class (she put it off for six months!) I felt myself getting less healthy and less healthy but I didn’t want to come with my friend because I felt like I wasn’t fit enough and I was embarrassed by that.

I now find working out with a friend actually makes we work harder but back then I wanted to get the first few classes under my belt without anyone seeing me. The great thing is that when I came, my first DEFINE body class was with Lianna. She was just so friendly I didn’t feel like I needed a friend with me. She told me to take my time, not to rush the moves. It wasn’t intimidating.

I used the DEFINE app to book ahead. That helped me commit to classes. The first two weeks, I made sure I kept coming back and didn’t take too much time off between classes. I met other people who had similar goals to me. I remember in one of my first classes, someone gave me advice on how to work on my spin form and they encouraged me to have fun which made the whole thing less intimidating.  I began to see my friends improving and that really kept me going.”

What is the biggest change you felt after the first two weeks?

“Now I am a bit addicted. I didn’t expect to feel so good after the first two weeks. My insides felt cleaner as if I sweated out loads of toxins. I also was eating better because I knew I needed energy for class. You can’t do these types of classes and eat crap. I ate less processed food and noticed what food made me feel better for class.

I see now how you can have balance (Faye still enjoys wine and cheese nights!) I know in the days leading up to a night out I will take more DEFINE rev to burn more calories. I may go have dinner and not drinks or vice versa. I thought my friends may mind, but they really don’t! Your internal struggles are tough in Dubai. Only you can say yes or no to the temptations. The most difficult part is not letting one temptation turn into a series of temptations. Like brunch turning into an afternoon at Mcgettigans followed by a day in bed, hungover.

Booking classes and having a good intention for the next day has helped me to not over do it the day before. You don’t need a duvet day every week, but it’s Dubai you still need to go out!.”

What advice do you have for others wanting to begin make a health and wellness transformation?

“Stop thinking about it, just do it! I really wish now I had started all those months ago when I was just thinking about it. Break your goals into small bits and say, ok I am just going to try 2 or 3 weeks and if I don’t like it what have I lost?… nothing! Get started now.”

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