DEFINE body & mind‘s mission is to educate people on how to become their absolute best through fitness classes that inspire results! In addition to the strength and balance you build through our classes, you also find length in your muscles to consistently achieve your best workout. Length means reach, distance, purpose, extending boundaries, flexibility, reaching for an unlimited experience!  For this stretch series, you will need to use your DEFINE strap.

Follow these five stretches to guide you toward release:


Hamstring stretch: Walking, running, and sitting for long periods of time, can create tightness in your hamstrings. The tension of your hamstrings has a direct effect on your lower back. The tighter the hamstrings are, the greater the chance for tension and tightness in the low back. Stretching your hamstrings can provide relief for lower back pain.





Outer thigh/ glutes stretch: Our DEFINE body class aims to strengthen your thighs and glutes, but maintaining functional flexibility is important for injury prevention. Stretching and allowing recovery of your outer thighs and glutes will prepare these muscles to stabilize your hips during your next class.





Inner Thigh Stretch: Your inner thigh has attachment points at your hip and around your knee. Pain in either of these places can be a sign that your inner thigh muscles are tight. If you notice knee sensitivity during class, try taking a few minutes to stretch before and after your session to provide relief.




Heart opening/ Chest and shoulder stretch: By stretching your chest and breathing deeply, you can unlock more capacity for breath. This is important because, in order to achieve your best workout and train at a more intense level, you must be able to utilize efficient breathing. Incorporate this stretch daily if you spend a long time driving, sitting at a desk, or hunched over your phone.





Side-body stretch: Taking a side bend can help relieve stiffness in your spine. This stretch is another opportunity to create more lung capacity. When performing this move, take deep intentional breaths into the place along your ribs where you feel the stretch. Make sure to get both sides!




Each stretch should be held for at least 30 seconds before releasing the tension. Remember to stretch in a range of motion that is comfortable for you. Instead of forcing a stretch, think breath and soften into a stretch.

To learn more about achieving your best workout through stretch, release, and deep relaxation,

attend a DEFINE mind class.