The summer months have come and gone in Dubai, and now it’s time to get your fitness routine back! We offer a variety of programs at DEFINE body & mind to help you achieve your individual goals. Not sure which program is right for you? Keep reading for 3 Post-Summer-Scenarios paired with their DEFINE Solutions:

Scenario 1: I kept up my cardio, but my upper body and core strength have faded…


Maybe you enjoyed a summer in a cooler climate when outdoor running, swimming, or biking stayed part of your routine. While cardiovascular workouts are great for your heart, our bodies crave strength training to help promote balance, increase bone density, and rev up our metabolism. Keep up the great work with your cardio, and add in our STRENGTH program. Burn, breathe, and become stronger through our DEFINE body and mind classes.

Scenario 1 solution: DEFINE STRENGTH

Scenario 2: I continued to strength train, but managed to pack on a few pounds…


If you are feeling healthy, but missing out on the toned aesthetic you are looking for, try incorporating cardio into your fitness routine. Cardio helps you burn extra calories and speeds up the weight loss process. Our CARDIO program is a heart-pumping fun time! It combines DEFINE rev and mind classes to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Scenario 2 solution: DEFINE CARDIO

Scneario 3: I drank, lounged, and laughed my way through summer and now I need a fitness routine overhaul…


Took the summer off? Have no fear; our ABSOLUTE BEST program will have you looking and feeling great in just a few weeks. This program combines DEFINE rev, body, and mind classes to get the best of all three methods! Expect to feel stronger, leaner, and more connected with your body and mind.

Scenario 3 Solution: DEFINE ABSOLUTE BEST

Need more guidance before jumping into a program? Talk to your DEFINE instructor before or after your next session for personalzied advice.

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