Looking for a way to feel more balanced and calm? Cultivating a rolling and stretching practice can help you gain flexibility, encourage proper muscle function, and melt away stress. This short routine combines yoga postures, stretching, and ball-rolling to have you feeling relaxed in under 10 minutes!


Begin with this restorative yoga posture to calm your mind. Allow gentle inhales and exhales. Let go of your worries and stress. Feel your spine elongate, hips open, and unwanted tension melt away. Breathe here for 60 seconds.


Tight chest and shoulder muscles can be a side effect of stress. Long hours spent at a desk can cause your shoulders to round forward creating shorter, tighter muscles in your chest. If you maintain poor posture, eventually you may experience neck, shoulder, and upper back pain. Place your DEFINE ball under the head of your shoulder to help release tension and give your chest a nice stretch. Allow 30-60 seconds on each shoulder to alleviate tightness.

Your glutes are comprised of 3 muscles, each with a different action, but all working to steady your hips and thighs. If you experience tightness in one or all of these muscles, you may feel pain in your low back or hips. Use your DEFINE mind ball to roll your glute in a clockwise and counterclockwise circle. If you find a particularly tender spot, you can pause with pressure on the area and breathe. You should feel your muscles release a bit more with every exhale. Try 30 seconds of rolling and 30 seconds of pressure on each glute.

Movements such as walking, running, and sitting for long periods of time all contribute to tightness in your hamstrings. Sitting, in particular, keeps the muscles in a tightened state. Along with your glutes, tight hamstrings can contribute to lower back pain. Breathe into this stretch to avoid excess tension. Allow your neck to release tension and your head to hang heavy. Ease into this stretch for 30-60 seconds.

Twisting your core massages, stretches, and tones your internal organs, which improves your digestion. Allow both of your shoulders to relax on your mat. Close your eyes and relax your facial muscles. Breathe deeply into your belly. Make sure to twist to both sides. Spend anywhere from 30-60 seconds on each side.


If you have 60 more seconds to give at the end of this sequence, return to child’s pose and notice any shift in your energy, mood, and muscles. It takes time to form a new habit, so commit to at least 20 days to begin building your routine!

Looking for a longer stretch sequence? Join our mind classes. We use the DEFINE ball and aerial hammocks to create lasting space and length in your body leading to a better-balanced feeling in day-to-day life.