Starting a workout routine can feel like a challenge. With so many options available, it seems crucial to research possibilities before investing time and money on your health. To help ease your mind before beginning your fitness journey with us, we have compiled these five frequently asked questions about starting workout routine at DEFINE body & mind: 


Is it ok to take DEFINE classes as a beginner?

Our classes are open to all levels. If you are new to exercise, be sure to give your instructor a heads-up, and she will make sure to help you navigate your class with confidence.


How often should I workout?

   As a beginner, aim to move your body 2-4 days each week. DEFINE classes are low impact, making them safe to attend multiple times a week. If you begin with two sessions, aim to increase to three by the 3rd week of training and four by the 4th. After eight weeks of training, your workouts should feel like a natural part of your weekly routine.


Do I need to include mind and yoga if weight loss is my goal?

   A crucial part of a successful weight loss journey is consistency in training. DEFINE yoga and mind will help you develop balance in your body. The balance will prevent injuries and keep you healthy enough to attend all of your scheduled sessions. We strongly recommend incorporating 1 DEFINE yoga or mind class for every 2 DEFINE body or rev classes.

Should I workout when I am sore?

   Because of the low impact nature of our classes, it is safe to attend class with soreness present. If the soreness is intense, consider taking one day off before returning to training. Try to train once every two days to help your muscles adjust to a more active lifestyle.


How long before I start to see changes in my body?

Rev (indoor cycling) and body (barre) are perfect to help you see changes in your body. If you are incorporating a combination of these classes at least four times a week, you will feel the changes after eight sessions. You will see them soon after! In a few weeks time, with guidance from the DEFINE team, you should be achieving visible results.

Looking for more specific answers? E-mail your questions to or stop by DEFINE and meet with one of our experienced instructors to learn more about starting a workout routine.

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