Do you have a history of giving up on New Year’s resolutions? Chances are, your dreamy goals were just too BIG to manage. Science has proven that the best way to form new habits (aka resolutions) is to start SMALL. The DEFINE: Dubai team wants to see you get the results you are looking for this year! Continue reading for three tips to burn more calories in 2018.

TIP #1: Connect a new habit to an old one.

A study published in the Medical Journal of Australia revealed that even 1,000 extra steps a day could decrease your chances of becoming sick. If you are looking to increase your step count in 2018, consider adding a walking (or jogging) loop around part of the Dubai Marina before or after your DEFINE session. You will increase the number of calories burned by adding as little as five minutes of extra work.

TIP #2: Scale a big goal back to a simple first step.

A significant source of empty calories in the UAE resident’s diet is take-away meals. Homemade meals are usually much healthier, but the convenience of delivery can make it difficult to cut back on this unhealthy habit. Before you tackle full meal-prep, start with snack prep! Something like carrot sticks with hummus or an apple with walnuts takes almost no time to prepare! Your snack can help curb your appetite after a workout so you are less likely to order your favourite Dubai pizza for dinner!

TIP #3: Make time to review your progress.

Set a timer on your phone to give yourself 5 minutes, once a week, to review the choices you have made. This short practice can help you evaluate how to move forward. If you had trouble achieving your goals that week, scale back to an even smaller target and start from there. Once your small steps feel become regular habits, scale up to a bigger goal!

We hope you find these tips helpful!

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