Wheather you are new to motherhood or an experienced Dubai mom (aka mum), navigating postnatal fitness can be nerve-wracking. We teamed up with DEFINE instructor, Lianna (who gave birth to a healthy baby girl in July 2017), to shed some light on what returning to fitness classes after having a baby can feel like.

How long after giving birth did you wait before returning to working out?

I took four weeks off of exercise and then my doctor to gave me the OK to work out.

How did it feel to get back into it?

At first, it was scary because my body was different. I wasn’t able to do everything I was doing before, and it was frustrating. Returning to abdominals was very tough for me.

How many weeks did it take for you to feel stronger?

I started to feel stronger pretty quickly. I probably started to feel good in class after about four weeks of working out.

How long did it take for you to lose the baby weight?

I gained about thirty pounds toward the end of my pregnancy. My weight is completely back down six months later. After pregnancy, your body doesn’t let you lose weight quickly. You need to maintain it for your milk. I didn’t start losing weight for 6-8 weeks after I began working out. It takes time and you just have to be patient.

What advice do you have for mothers who are nervous to get started?

Just come back! Take your time. Go slow. Do what you can. Just get in the room. The first time back is the scariest. DEFINE classes can be tough but know that we are here to welcome you back. Tell us you are post-natal and we will help you get through it! We can also give you modifications to help you build up your strength! So get moving. It will feel good! It’s good for your hormones, good for your milk, good for everything.

There are four methods at DEFINE: What are good classes for postnatal fitness?

It depends on what you want. I am a real DEFINE body and rev girl. At first, when I needed to relieve stress it was either a manicure or a class. My big goal was weight loss. I just wanted my body back. That may not be everyone’s goal so DEFINE yoga or mind can be a more gentle introduction to exercise. Once my weight started to come off, I loved DEFINE mind class because of the peace of mind it brought me to have a relaxing hour with no baby and no stress.

What will surprise moms when they return to exercise?

How amazing your body is at recovering! Don’t rush it, your body will get there. Our bodies are so strong. When your body is ready to drop the baby weight, it will. Your muscles will come back, your legs will come back, your bum will come back. Just be patient and remember that what works for one mom may not work for you.

Do you have any advice on diet for postnatal fitness?

Eat what you want, it’s probably what you need. Unless it’s cake, don’t eat cake every day. A glass of wine helps me! New moms need to relax. All things in balance.



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