DEFINE’s DJ rev Ride launches November 30th

DEFINE Dubai is launching its monthly DJ rev Ride on Friday 30th November and we can’t
wait to tell you all the reasons why this is going to rock your spinning sessions. Music and
fitness go hand in hand – they’re inextricably linked, and you’ll know this if you’ve ever tried
to do an intense gym workout without any background beats. I mean, it’s totally possible,
but the environment is completely different and it’s definitely harder to keep that
motivation going without the music to drive you.

That’s why the fitness industry has a bit of a party vibe to it these days, with heavy beats
taking centre stage. So many of us are getting our party rush from our workouts; whether
it’s a burst of HIIT, a session at the gym, or an intense spinning class that gets our
endorphins pumping and our bodies moving, music is key.

But what is it about music that gets us so revved up? There’s definitely a science to it, and
music is known to alter our moods – to have both a physical and psychological effect on how
we react and behave. Studies have shown that music can actually elevate your mood and
has been known in some cases to alleviate the effects of depression. This is all linked to
stress-related hormones like cortisol, and to certain structures in the brain related to
emotion regulation, positive mood, attention span and even memory. So if you think of
these effects and add them to a gym workout, then it’s easy to see why you get those feel-
good party vibes from a burst of fitness. And these are just some of the simple things that
music can do:

It gets us moving. The beats are what keep us on track, and the energy we get from the
music can make all the difference to our overall workout performance. It gives us something
to focus on, channelling our energy into movement, and surrounding distractions no longer
affect us. Music helps to keep us in that zone.

It energises us. Music taps into the body’s natural rhythm, and whether we are looking to
calm the body or amp it up, music can help to create a particular atmosphere depending on
the beats, the volume and the lyrics.

It’s social. Music is a great tone-setter and creates the environment. Add in the workout,
bring your fitness buddies, go for coffee after, have a catch-up and you’re golden.
Fitness experts from the industry talk about the importance of music in their workouts, so
we see how universal this theory is, no matter where you’re from or what area of sport
you’re in. DEFINE instructor, Sophie Burgess talks about what music means to her and why
it’s so important for motivation and drive.

1. How does music influence your workouts?
Music directly influences the classes I teach as they are all rhythm based. I can spend a lot of
time working on a playlist for my rev (spinning) class as each song has to be a different BPM
(beat per minute) in order to match varying resistance levels and techniques in the class. I
need songs for sprints, jogs and climbs – finding the right ones can be challenging
sometimes. On top of that, I know the tracks I play are what helps to motivate clients so I
need songs to get everyone to give their all. body (barre) is a little easier music-wise, as
typically most sections of the class are the same tempo. However, in any case, any music
that we incorporate needs to energise our clients and inspire them to push themselves.

2. What style of music do you choose for your sessions?
I primarily use a lot of EDM and RnB for my classes because clients recognise them and
they have a distinct build up and then an awesome drop. This really gets people moving to
the beat!

3. Do you think working out is the new going out?
Definitely! Lots of the music we play in our classes is the same as if you were out at a bar or
club so I believe it’s the healthier, cheaper way of going out. If you’ve ever come to DEFINE
on a Friday morning there is such a fun, social vibe in the studio. Everyone is excited to be
there and kickstart their weekend with a good workout. Who needs brunch when you can

We all know that if you want to really dedicate yourself to your workouts then it’s very
difficult to be a party animal by night and a fitness fiend first thing in the morning. Of course
it’s about everything in moderation, but if you can get that all-important endorphin rush
from a lively gym workout, or spinning session and hang out with your friends in the process
then what’s not to love?

Join us for the launch of DEFINE’s DJ rev Ride on Friday, November 30th, with their very own
DEFINE rev instructor-come-DJ, Chaz. Sessions will be at 9am and 10.15am, and you can
book your session right here: