Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Fit and let all that love flow through your heart. Hallmark, reminds us to show love, be loved, and give love during the month of February and more specifically on the 14th. But what if we decided to love (our heart) more than just one day, more than just the second month of the year? What if we begin to love (our heart) all year round, what will we gain? Our heart is the strongest working muscle in our body. It gets loved and it gets broken but somehow it always manages to keep going. The heart is a muscle that needs exercise just as much as, if not more than, any other muscle in the body. The more active you are in life, the stronger and healthier your heart becomes. Movement, any movement, is good for your heart and body. But there are three types of movement in particular that will greatly benefit your heart’s health: aerobic, stretching and strength training. Incorporating these types of movements into your daily life will ensure a happier, healthier, and more vibrant life overall. It’s not about the biggest and hardest workout it’s more about the correct workout for your body. Not every workout is the right workout for you. So try to find the one that is suitable for your body type, health limitations (if any), and relaxes your mind. Working out isn’t just physical it also benefits the mind. Many people feel less anxiety and stress after a good run, barre class, spin class, yoga, or even a brisk walk in the park. Movement fuels our body, it keeps us going and it rejuvenates our soul. Let’s get back to those three movement methods: cardio, stretching, and strength training. DEFINE created four methods that combine all three movements in one class. Yes, it’s true! You can accomplish a complete heart-healthy workout in as little as 45 minutes in our cycle class or in 60 minutes in our barre, yoga, and mind classes. DEFINE’s mission is to help you become your absolute best! Aerobic (cardio) movement is fast enough to raise your heart rate to a safe level. Know your numbers; learn your resting heart rate, maximum heart rate, and your target heart rate. These three magic numbers will allow you to maximize your workouts and health safely. DEFINE’s cycle class is the perfect aerobic workout for your heart. Stretching allows your muscles to become more flexible. The more flexibility in your muscles reduces the chances of injuries and strain on your body. Time, patience and practice help one’s body become more flexible. Everyone’s flexibility level is different because we all have different body types. DEFINE’s mind & yoga classes provide you with the absolute best opportunities to develop flexibility in your body while creating mobility. Strength training allows you to build strong muscles to support your body. DEFINE’s barre class is the complete low-impact workout combining techniques from pilates, yoga, core strengthening, and ballet movements in a balanced training on a mat. DEFINE loves you! In each DEFINE class, you will find our teachers love your heart health so much that each class is unique in its methods to keep you strong and healthy.